BOSCH Head Rotor-OK1 468 333 320

Country: China

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BOSCH Head Rotor-OK1 468 333 320
Address:: fujian
Town: fujian
Zip Code: 351111
Phone: 18030384570


China Lutong Parts Plant has been present for more than 25 years in the diesel injection field, with a large range of head rotors,nozzles,elements and delivery valvese etc suitable for all applications from truck,passenger cars to marine engines.
We pursuit growing consent and appreciation from clients worldwide.
The will to succeed and a continuous investment programme allows the company to have not only a range to satisfy the increasing needs of customers, but also to reach even higher levels of quality, and progress with new products.
China Lutong Parts Plant towards achieving the ultimate goal of innovation and improvement,
thus guaranteeing quality development and reliability of its product.

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