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Om Tubes Hastelloy c22 Plates

Om Tubes Hastelloy c22 Plates
Om tube is an excellent processor of Hastelloy c22 for the production of Plates. We produce high-quality Plates which retain all the properties of the alloy and are extremely durable. Plates are flat strips of alloy cut into different shapes which are used for supporting equipment and machines. Plates can be made of a lot of metals and alloys like steel, copper and alloys like Monel or Inconel. Om Tubes Hastelloy c22 Plates is of high resistance. What’s unique about Hastelloy c22 Plates is its fabulous resistance to chloride ions and oxidation. There are various types of Plates made of Hastelloy c22 which are, welded, seamless and fabricated. Om Tubes being Hastelloy c22 Plates Supplier provides you with the best quality & service.
All types of Plates are supplied by Om tubes with manufacturing guarantee and delivery assistance. We customize Hastelloy Plates as per the customer’s demands and supply Plates of all sizes and dimensions ranging in all sizes from 6mm to 120mm. Hastelloy C-22 strip in coil form is available.
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