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Hydraulic Brake Booster for Forklift Brake System

Hydraulic Brake Booster for Forklift Brake System
1. Product Performance:
HBB-25 Hydraulic brake booster and brake master cylinder form the roll booster of brake. This valve is widely used in four to eight tons of forklifts. Because of use the pedal hydraulic booster, it make the vehicle's braking more portable, comfortable, and the braking effect more reliable. The braking system has the following characteristics:
1) The valve can be share a hydraulic oil source with full hydraulic steering system. The steering and braking can work separately; also can be used in combination, and it doesn't create mutual interference when they work at the same time. This valve compares with conventional vacuum booster power brake; the required components are much less (no air pump and air supply device). The structure is simple and it's convenient to decorate.
2) This valve is hydraulic power brake when the valve braked in such a state of it has power to supply oil, it's mechanical brake function when the oil source failure. So the brake function is reliable.
3) This valve's brake booster braking, the proportional property is good, the braking is sensitive and no hysteresis.
4) When the valve uses the pedal operation, it's simplify operation, comfortable and the noise is small. It improves the driver's operating strength.

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