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Hand Cleaner Paste Waterless

Hand Cleaner Paste Waterless
Item Code: RXSOL-16-1001-001
Features of this product:-
1) used to clean your hands of any sort of stubborn dirt and grime without use of any water.
2) natural ingredients, moisturizers, surfactants
3) removes heavy duty soils easily
4) It is safe to use for skin
5) It has a fresh and clean fragrance.
6) It is an environment friendly product. 
7) . It has long storage life without decreasing quality or viscosity. 
8) It is a better substitute for petroleum or caustic based detergents.
9) This waterless hand cleaner is very effective for use if you are working in print shop, automotive workshop, oil fields, ship maintenance, garage or any industrial area where there is too much of grease and dirt involved. It helps remove the toughest grease, grime, ink, paints, oil, tar, carbon, adhesives or any such marks with ease.
It is a milky white creamy gel containing natural ingredients, moisturisers, surfactants, and powerful dispersing agents. This is a batter substitute to petroleum products & caustic based detergetns which drain the body oil. ONLY 2 TO 5 grams SUFFICIENT to clean most greasy hand.
Oil Cleaning Products : RXSOL 1001 is premium quality Oil Cleaning Products.
Hand Cleaning Products : Industrial and maintenance Hand Cleaning Products
Marine Cleaner : In marine industries can be used as multi purpose degreasing operation.

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