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• High Mast Poles provides a complete package (design, manufacture and installation) for high mast poles (12 meters to 35 meters in height). High Mast Poles required minimum maintenance and the complete mast and fittings can be maintained at ground level for greater safety. High Mast Poles also accommodate any lighting system and are equally suitable for a variety of other equipment like aerials, flags, CCTV cameras, wind turbines, Signage Board, Stadium Lightning Purpose or other application like chimney etc. Om Wire & Wire Products Industries offers tapered steel High Mast Poles for transportation applications and also for other large-area lighting applications, such as those found at car parks, railways, airports, shipping terminal facilities and large heavy-industry zones, Power Plants, Petrol Pumps & Fly Overs etc

In all these applications, safety is paramount and technical design expertise is essential. High Mast Poles/ lighting Poles installations are often located where today’s most busy expressways merge or intersect.

Our High Mast is a continuously taper polygonal cross section having one or more segment. It was movable carriage for raising and lowing which is operated with a power tool motor through winch gear box. It is used for large area lighting with the minimum number of obstructions. We do customized sizes & specifications for High Mast Poles as per customer’s requirement.

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