Checker Plate Resists Slip and Protects Safe

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2017-07-06 06:15:15

Checker Plate Resists Slip and Protects Safe

Checker Plate Used in Stairs and Floors

Checker plate is also named as chequer plate, tread plate and floor plate. It is a plate with a regular kind of raised texture on one side and the other side is flat. The texture can be diamond, lentils, willow leaves and other customized shapes. Checker plate is commonly made of galvanized steel, stainless steel, copper or aluminum plate materials. checker plate is skid-proof because of the raised texture. The plate has a good wear ability and slip resistance. It is ideal for metallic constructions, automotive defenses and industrial uses.
Checker plate with lentil shape texture.
The raised texture can supply the anti-slip resistance.
Raised texture design adds slip resistance.
Durable and wear resistance.
Suitable for flat surfaces because of texture one side only.
Anodized surface treatment seals and harden the surface, reduces glare.
Different metal materials and textures available.
Long service life.
Name: Checker plate, chequer plate, thread plate or floor plate.
Material: Stainless steel, copper, aluminum plate or galvanized plate.
Length by Width: 2000mm × 1000mm up to 3600mm × 1500mm or as required.
Thickness: 1mm - 12.5mm or as required.
Surface Treatment: Anodized, galvanized.
Texture: Diamond, lentil, willow leaf or as the customer’s requirement.
Plate Shape: In rolls or in panels.
Packing Details: In water-proof bags then in wood pallets.
Checker plate with diamond shape texture.
Diamond shape texture on the plate is ideal for floors and stairs.
Checker plate with 3 bars pattern texture.
Willow leaf pattern texture has two bars, three bars and five bars.
Due to the skid-proof and attractive appearance, checker plate is widely used in our daily life. It is ideal for metallic constructions, automotive defenses and industrial uses.
checker plate is widely applied in construction sector for stair treads, platform, trench covers, floor covers and walkways.
In enterprises, especially workshops and supermarkets, stairs and catwalks usually use checker plates to protect workers and customers' safety.
It is also ideal for floors and steps on commercial vehicles, vans, buses, trailers and pickup trucks.
It is great for industrial corridors.
Besides, nowadays people also use the checker plate as a decorative element for building staircases, balconies, and environmental friendly office furniture.
Lentil texture checker plate is used in building stairs.
The checker plate makes the stairs more slip-resistant and safer.
The beautiful pickup floor is made of checker plate.