How many common defects when importing carbon steels?

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2015-08-03 04:24:29

How many common defects when importing carbon steels?

Recently, many customers send us the inquiry about carbon steels round bar or flat, such as S50c, S55c ect. The most common applications for these materials are for mold base or foemwork while some problems then come out in the using of these materials. Here, kindly offer you dear customers some frequent defects of them and help you can understand more.

*1) Air bubbles: due to the "N" from furnace gas, which can smelt into the steel(in liquid state). And it exsists in Nitride or Nitrogen. The former will help to improve the mechanical of the steels while the later will cause bubbles and porosity. For this defects, we can find it by your eyes directly and it is time to see how sharp your eyes are! Yeah~~~~ For the porosity, we can detect them by UT 100%.

*2) Air pores: due to it needs Oxygen in the steel making process, then it will combine with "C" to be "CO", which is the reason for this problem. It can witness how important to reduce gases more in the processing of steel. The way to solve it is also using your big eyes.

*3) Pin-holes: this will happen when the thickness is more than 250mm for hot rolled steels. Due to the Non-metallic inclusions, such as Portland, Sulfide and Oxide, it will appear, especially for the S55c steel for its wide use in mold. If the UT 100% is not very strict, then these inclusions will remain. When facing the heavy polishing in mold bases making, then it will be found.

content of these inclusions: 0.5; 1; 1.5; 2; 2.5; 3. And the smaller number is, the quality better. For our normal rank is 1 to 1.5, which will prevent the defect of pin-holes better. Meanwhile, UT 100% are acceptable.

If you need these materials, or interest in other mold steels, such as cold work steel, hot work steel, plastic mould steel, alloy structural steel, HSS ect, pls contact me~~~~