Perforated Plate - Smooth, High Strength, Lightweight

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Perforated Plate - Smooth, High Strength, Lightweight

Perforated Plate for Screening and Decorating

Perforated Plate or perforated sheet is made of hot or cold punching metal sheets or coils with an arrangement of holes. The holes are in different sizes and shapes. Perforated plate is extensively used in a variety of industries for sorting and screening materials, heating and ventilating installations. It is also can be used in architecture and agriculture.
Six pieces of perforated plate with round, square, slot and other decorative patterns.
Perforated plate has different hole pattern for choice.
Good material offers high tensile strength.
It is resistant to alkalis, acids and corrosion.
Flat and smooth surface.
Lightweight for easy installation.
Attractive design is good for decorative applications.
Different materials, sizes and hole patterns are available.
Long service life.
Name: perforated plate or perforated sheet.
Material: galvanized steel, mild steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum, zinc, etc.
Thickness: 0.2mm to 16mm.
Width by Length: 1000mm × 2000mm to 2000mm × 6000mm or as required.
Standard Size: 1000mm × 2000mm, 1000mm × 2400 mm, 1200mm × 2400mm.
Hole Patterns: round, square, slotted, oval, diamond, rectangular, decorative, etc.
Hole Diameter: 0.2mm to 100mm.
Surface Treatment: galvanized, PE/PVC coated, powder coated.
Coiled plate: in water-proof plastic bags then in wood pallets.
Flat plate: in plastic film then in wood pallets.
A round hole perforated plate coil and a square hole perforated plate coil.
Perforated plates can be packed in coils.
Different colors of PVC coated perforated plate: gold, purple, green, red and sliver.
Perforated plate can be PVC coated in different colors.
Unlike solid plate, perforated plate is permeable and transparent which makes it more versatile. It can be used for filtering, separation, protection, soundproofing, decorating, washing and drying.
So perforated plate is widely used by the chemical, food, mining and car industries
It is also can be used in sugar refineries, quarries, cement factories, construction sites, and distilleries.
Perforated plate is used as window and door security screen and sun shade.
It is also can be used as decorative ceilings and facades.
The perforated plate facades is installed on the balcony.
The perforated plate can be used as facades on the balcony for beauty and good movement of air and sunlight.
Two pieces of white painted perforated sheet.
The perforated plate can be used as ceilings and air conditioning vents.