Single Welded Wire Fence

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2017-06-28 05:22:52

Single Welded Wire Fence

Light-weight Welded Wire Perimeter Fencing
Green vinyl-coated single wire fence with folds is a good selection of perimeter fencing.
SWSF-01: Single wire security fence.
Single welded wire fence is a light-duty and cost-effective perimeter fencing for residential areas, schools or commercial sites where security and restriction is not urgently required. It features V-shaped profile adding rigidity and strength. Commonly speaking, 2 to 4 V-shaped folds are designed along the full height of the fence panel.

The welded wire perimeter fence manufactured 5 mm vertical and horizontal wire with 200 mm × 50 mm aperture is visually appealing with large open mesh and non-threatening design. Black or green powder coated welded wire fence blends well with the environment. It has been another popular perimeter demarcation fencing instead of chain link fence.

Product description:

Item: single welded wire fence.
Vertical wire diameter: 5 mm.
Horizontal wire diameter: 5 mm.
Mesh pattern: 200 mm × 50 mm.
Height: 1.73 - 2.43 meter.
Post section: 60 mm × 60 mm.
Post centers: 3.025 meter.
Finish: hot-dip galvanized or powder-coated.
Color: silver, black or green.
Features & benefits:

Blends well with the surroundings.
Ideal for perimeter demarcation.
Galvanized after fabrication for better corrosion-resistance.
V-shaped folds for lateral rigidity.
High visibility.
Economical cost.
Typical applications:

Commercial places.
Residential areas.
White welded wire fence for a house in USA
SWSF-02: Residential welded wire fence.
Black vinyl-coated welded wire fence with 4 ft. height.
SWSF-03: Black backyard welded wire fence