solar inverter buyer's guide

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2015-07-04 05:40:55

solar inverter buyer's guide

There are many kinds of Solar Inverter,include shape, size and price. The smallest are called micro solar inverter( inverter power 20 ~ 200w). They are very suitable for a small load, such as video recorders, computers, radios, television sets and so on. However, most home and small business users need 2500 ~ 5500w inverter. Then which inverter do you should choose?

Professional installers of solar equipment will design the entire system for you , to help you pick the solar inverter and other components. For those who are interested and want to design their own people to install the system (the whole project is best installed by experienced in electrical worker, by those who have won several PV installations and training staff), when select the solar inverter, the first things to consider is what the type of system you will install. As mentioned earlier, if you want to install off-grid system, you need a off-grid inverter and charge controller; if you want to install battery-free and on-grid solar system, you need an grid tie inverter, inverter must be able to match the output of the PV array (installation staff can help you do that); if you want to install with battery back-up and on-grid systems, you must purchase simultaneously grid tie compatible inverter and battery. For off-grid systems,hybrid inverter type is also a good choice, because inthe future you may have intended the system to the main grid. There are two such inverters: IG300 Series and IG400 Series solar inverter.