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Super mirror polished metal strips

   Super mirror polished metal strips
World class mirror polishing technology at Yoogle

Originated from Japan's most superb super polishing technology,Yoogle perfect super mirror polishing metal products can provides a reliable choice for more high-end decorations and functional requirements.
Our metal grades include stainless steel,titanium alloy and Aluminum Alloy, one side or double side mirror finishes are possible.When user asks more about mirror metal,our engineers will find out more solutions for you.
For super mirror stainless steel products, the thickness can be thin to 0.05mm, At same time,it gets a good flatness and prefect surface(for example, No needle eye,rolled line ,hairline,white spots etc)
All advantages at a glance
▍Perfect surface, No needle eye, orange peel line,scratches,color difference etc
▍The surface roughness low to 0.007um
▍High- reflective rate
▍Good flatness,No water wave
▍Clean surface ,No dirty
▍Smooth and bright surface

 Dimension Thickness 0.05 to 10mm
Width Down to 2000mm
Length Sheet or Coil
 Hardness of stainless steel ANN 1/2H 3/4H FH SH
 Hardness of Aluminum alloy HB20 to 160

After mirror polishing, the metal strip is inspected and tested (for example tensile, hardness,gloss, roughness and other surface properties). The process is completed by slitting to the required width, control of burr height, width and shape, and finally by packaging and shipment.
Protective film PE , Laser PE,PVC,PET film protective to the mirror finish are available
Standard Package
Cardboard encase the ends of the coil, with core and outer steel edge protection. Metal Straps are to be placed around coil and pallet timber, and align with metal edge protection
Wooden Pallets or customized Pallets are acceptable

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