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Barbed wire for security fencing

Barbed wire for security fencing
Wire Materials: Galvanized steel wire, PVC coated iron wire in blue, green, yellow and other colors.
General Use: Barbed wire mainly serves in protecting of grass boundary, railway, highway, etc.

Galvanized Barbed Iron Wire offered by us is suitable for industry, agriculture, animal husbandry, dwelling house, plantation or fencing.
Packing: in coils.
Standard fence length: 2m, 2.5m.

We offer barbed wire with different treatment, like PE or PVC coated.

Technical Info of PVC Coated Barbed Iron Wire:
- Core of PVC Coated Barbed Iron Wire can be galvanized iron wire or black annealed iron wire.
- A variety of colors like green, blue, yellow, orange, gray, is available with PVC Coated Barbed Iron Wire produced by us.
- Tensile strength of Standard PVC Coated Barbed Iron Wire is 30-45 kgs./sq.mm.
- Packing: In coil of 25 kilos or 50 kilos net, lined with P.V.C strips, then wrapped with P.V.C or hessian cloth.

Barbed wire security fencing
barbed wire fencing and razor wire concertina makes the majority of our products. razor barbed wire fencing is usually made of galvanized steel blade or stainless steel blade. two pieces of stainless steel razor wire or zinc-coated razor wire can be bounded together by clips to make it stronger. the spiral intersecting barbed wire presents an intersecting shape after opening with beautiful outlook and practical property.

material for razor barbed wire fencing: galvanized blade, stainless steel blade.
features: compact and rational structure, high safety factor, for the protection of prison and key project .
technical note: razor barbed wire fencing can be made according to the actual dimension of customer; the special specification is manufactured according to the drawing.

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