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Binding U Type Wire

Binding U Type Wire
Materials: Made of Low carbon black wire, Black annealed wire, Galvanized wire, Stainless steel wire, PVC wire. Wire diameter ranges from 0.8mm to 1.6mm ( wire gauges include 20#, 21#, 22#).

Specification Tables:
Diameter: 21Ga-15Ga BWG
Length: 4 – 14 inch.
Materials: Fine low carbon black wire, Galvanized wire, Stainless steel wire, PVC wire.

Galvanized and Black Non Galvanised U Type Wire.
U Bending Shape Iron Wire : Dia 3.10 mm x 700 mm cut length, packed in 1 x 20 ft dry container with rust proof treatment.

Black Annealed ( Wire Length: 20-60cm)
Processed from fine low carbon black wire for daily bundling and rebar tying.
Material: Low carbom Q235/Q195
Wire Diameter: 21Ga-14Ga BWG
Length: 20-60cm.

We offer:
1.6mm U type binding wire, galvanized finish, in bundles;
BWG 21 galvanized pvc insulated coated U type binding wire;
Black color non galvanized 18 gauge u type iron wire;
16 Gauge U Shape Black Annealed Or Galvanized Wire, 0.5-1.2mm Wire Diameter.

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