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ConticoatingTM metal strips

ConticoatingTM metal strips
Physical Vapor Deposition coating technology for metal strip and sheet

YOOGLE has developed a ConticoatingTM (physical vapor deposition) process with Coil to coil type continuous megnetron sputtering coating of full width strip , Our process ensures coating of the whole strip surface and repeated quality from batch to batch.
PVD coated metal strip and sheet(especially in coated stainless steel )can be applied in many aspects, for example, luxury decoration, extreme weather resistance and specific functional requirements (such as electrical conductivity, electromagnetic shielding, wear resistance, etc.), it is suit to stamping, cutting and bending processes.
ConticoatingTM nano coating technology can be used on the surface of various stainless steel strips ,These special coating layer type includes TiN, TiC, CrN,DLC,Si,Ag,Ni,etc,through physical vapor deposition coated process,will get to the thin metal film on the stainless steel surface, and film has remarkable characteristics as following
● Hardest surface ,1200-6000HV
● A wide variety of colors
●  Excellent wear resistance
● Coating Adhesion is very good
● Good Corrosion resistance(Salt spray testing over 100hours is no problem)

ConticoatingTM metal strip is suit to the continuous bending, stamping, roll forming processes, the coating layers are not easy to fall off from metal strip surface, it also excellent processing performance and the film have advantages itself.All Yoogle coated materials often application to the functional purpose and some high-end trim industry. Produced by an advanced, environmentally friendly vacuum-coating process, Yoogle pre-coated metal film on the metal strip surface offers unique, enhanced and new combinations of properties.

● Stainless steel (SUS304\SUS301\SUS430J1L\SUS442\SUS316L etc)
● Aluminum alloy (3003\3004\5052\6061\7075 etc)
● Titanium alloy is available(TA1\TA2 \TA8 etc)

Sand Blasting
Hare line
Dimension Thickness 0.05 to 3mm
Width Down to 1250mm
Length Sheet or Coil

We provide a avariety of colors for coated metal strip and plate,main colors as following.Of course,other colors can be made.if you have any problems,please contact us directly.Environmentally friendly process and products
Yoogle’s CoticoatingTM technology is environmentally friendly, with no discharge to water or air and no toxic residues. The coating process is also energy efficient compared to electroplating, which consumes approximately 60% more energy.Stainless steel and aluminum alloy are an environmentally friendly process, as it is manufactured using mainly recycled materials.
All Yoogle material conforms with the requirements of the EC (European Community )Directive on the restricted use of certain hazardous substances (RoHS in electrical,automotive and electronic industry– regarding lead, mercury, cadmium and hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls (PBB) or polybrominated biphenyl ethers (PBDE) – and the maximum concentration values for lead, mercury, cadmium and hexavalent chromium as further specified in Commission Decision 2005/618/EC.

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