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Galvanized wire spools

Galvanized wire spools
We have spooling and winding devices to supply galvanized iron wire packed in iron spools, plastic spool or wooden spools from 1kg to 100kg (about 2.2046 to 220.46 LB).

1. Raw material of galvanized spool wire ,Black wire, Stainless steel wire
2. Weight:1KG, 5kg,7kg, 10kg, 25kg,etc
3. Diameter: 0.12-1.6mm (or customized)
4. Feature : good flexibility and uniform color .
5. Tensile strength: 380-550mpa
6. Zinc coating: electro galvanized: 15-20g, hot dipped galvanized: 40-60g,200-300g
7. Packing: Alaways cartons lined with plastic. 5kg,7kg, 10kg, 25kg.


Galvanized Spool Wire:0.20-0.55mm BWG33-24
Tensile strength:300-400N/mm2
zinc coated: min20g/m2

Scope of application:
armouring wires for cable;reinforcing wires for high pressure hoses;wires for wearing ,netting;wires for filter.

Packaging Details
2.2,4kg:6 plastic spool/carton(1ton/pallet);
5,7kg:4 plastic spool/carton(1ton/pallet);
10,14,18,20kg:2 plastic spool/carton(1ton/pallet);
30,100kg:put the plastic spool on the pallet directly.

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