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Invar alloy plates

Invar alloy plates
Invar 36/4J36/UNS K93600/W. Nr.1.3912 plate
Invar 36 / ASTM F1684 is also know as W.NR 1.3912,UNS K93600,UNS K93601,AWS 090,Invar alloy,ASTM F1684,Alloy 36,W.NR:1.3912 (FeNi36),Nilo 36.
36 alloy is a special ultra-low coefficient of heat expansion of low-iron-nickel alloy. One of carbon and manganese element of control is very important. Cold deformation can reduce the coefficient of thermal expansion, in particular within the framework of the heat treatment temperature coefficient of thermal expansion will enable stabilization. Has the following characteristics:
1.Has very low coefficient of heat expansion between the temperature of -250 Celsius degree and 200 Celsius degree2.Good toughness and plastic

Metallurgical structure
Invar 36 is the face centered cubic lattice structure

Corrosion resistance
Invar 36 has corrosion resistance in the dry air of room temperature.In other harsh environments, such as the humid air, there may be corrosion (rust).

Applied field
Invar 36 suit for need to apply ultra-low coefficient of heat expansion environment.Typical applications are as follows:
1.Liquefied gas production, storage and transport
2.The measurement and control instruments work temperature lower than 200 Celsius degree, such as temperature regulating device
3.Metals and other materials use the screw connector bush
4.Bimetal and bimetallic temperature controller
5.Film framework
6.Shadow mask
7.CRP components of the aviation industry temper Die
8.lower than -200 Celsius degree the satellite and missile electronic control unit framework
9.The auxiliary tube of the electromagnetic lens in the laser control or device

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