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Truck Fuel Injectors for Dodge Control Valve F00RJ01479 fits VE Pump And Injector

Truck Fuel Injectors for Dodge Control Valve F00RJ01479 fits VE Pump And Injector
Truck Fuel Injectors for Dodge Control Valve F00RJ01479 fits VE Pump And Injector

Control Valve Actuator Kit F00RJ01479 fits VE Pump And Injector
# Quality Good ,Lutong Common rail valve -Bosch common rail valve nissan common rail injectors for types of injectors in diesel engine #
# FM, LUTONG Isle Injector-common rail injector system F00RJ01479 for nissan common rail injectors #

# FM Shary Hu #
Contact: Shary Hu
Whatsapp: 008613850268933

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Product Details:
Place of Origin: original and new
Brand Name: bosch
Certification: genuine
OEM: F00RJ01479
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Price: USD 8.25
Packaging Details: original
Payment Terms: Western union, Bank transfer, T/T , paypal and so on.

Company profile
China lutong parts plant ,specialize in trading with machinery parts such as fuel common rail injector,fuel pump,injection nozzle,control valve,repair kit,sensor and so on , which all are Original.
We have occupied a large range of the market and our products have been sold to many countries around the world especially hot to Russia, Australia, the USA, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Chile, India, Africa, Argentina, Ukraine, Poland, Sudan, Vietnam, Korea, Thailand, Iran, Honduras etc.

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Control Valve for common rail injector :


Engine Control Valve No.

WeiChai WP10 F00RJ01727
Cummins LSLe F00RJ01941
WeiChai WP12 F00RJ01727
Cummins LSLe F00RJ01941
WeiChai WP10 F00RJ01727
JMC 2.5L VM F00VC01015
WeiChai WP10(WD615) F00RJ01692
Foton 4JB1 F00VC01359
ChaoChai 4102TCI F00RJ01924
YangChai 4cyl._3.7L F00VC01359
YuChai YC6J_EU4 F00RJ01704
WeiChai WP10 F00RJ01692
ChaoChai 4D47 F00VC01371
Dong Feng (ShiYan) Dci11_st2 F00RJ00399
YiQi XiChai 6DL2 F00RJ01657
6DL37-2(630) F00RJ01657
YiQi XiChai 6DN1 F00RJ02035
Great Wall 4cyl._2.8L TCL F00VC01359
ChaoChai 4102H F00VC01371
4cy1._2.8L F00VC01359
Dong Feng (ShiYan) 4 cy1._H F00RJ02472
4G F00RJ01704
WeiChai WP10 F00RJ01692
YiQi CA4DC F00RJ01358
4cy1._2.8L F00VC01359
JMC 4JB1 TC F00VC01359
Sofim 8140 F00RJ01005
Cummins LSDe F00RJ01130
Cummins LSBe F00RJ02130
Cummins F00RJ00339
Komatsu 200-8 F00RJ02130
Great Wall 4cyl._2.8L TC F00VC01359
XinChen 4cyl._2.8L F00VC01363
YunNei 4cy1._1.9L F00VC01367
Quan Chai 4D22E F00VC01359
YiQi SiHuan 2.9L/TC F00VC01359
YiQi SiHuan 2.8L/TCL F00VC01359
YunNei 4cy1._3.0L F00VC01358
YiQi XiChai 6DF(470) F00RJ01692
YiQi XiChai 4DF(470) F00RJ01692
Dong Feng (ShiYan) Dci11_st3 F00RJ02056
YuChai YC6M F00RJ02035
YuChai YC6G F00RJ01692
YuChai YC6JA F00RJ01704
WeiChai WP12 F00RJ01727
YuChai YC4E F00RJ01704
YuChai YC6L F00RJ01704
WeiChai WP6 F00RJ01692

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