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volvo distributor rotor 096400-1340 Marine Head Repair Kits TOYOTA

volvo distributor rotor 096400-1340 Marine Head Repair Kits TOYOTA
volvo distributor rotor 096400-1340 Marine Head Repair Kits TOYOTA
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Part No.: 096400-1340
Stamping No.: 1340
Application for Vehicle : TOYOTA
Rigidity: HRC62-65
Specification: L or R
Condition: New
Certificate:ISO 9001:2008
Guarantee period: 1 Year

Whatsapp: 008613850268933

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China-Lutong Machinery Works Co., Ltd will attend Automechanika Istanbul 2017 for Automotive Parts, Equipment & Service Suppliers from 6th-9th April, Our booth number is G119 in Hall 12, China-Lutong is a professional and the most trusted fuel injection systems and related components manufacturer in China. Based on 20 years of experiences in the Diesel Parts Manufacture, Research & Development, China-Lutong has become a leader in the production and commercialization of Diesel Engine Parts & Accessories for Automotive, Marine & Industrial.

Automechanika Istanbul is one of famous brand Automechanika, just after Automechanika Germany, Automechanika ShangHai, Automechanika Middle East, is well known in Middle East, even all over the world. China Lutong gradually develops market and enjoys good reputation among the Middle East Suppliers. We hope take this opportunity to invite our regular customer and new customer to visit us to negotiate cooperation.

On this exhibition, We will show the tradition VE pump spare parts like Head Rotor, Nozzle, Plunger, Delivery Valve, repair kit, cam disk, Feed Pump, Pencil nozzle, etc. we also show our company new researched COMMON RAIL & DIESEL INJECTION SPARE PARTS, such as Bosch valve, Delphi (9308-621C, 9308-622B, CAT (C7, C9) Volvo (7206-0379) control valve, Denso, Bosch Common Rail Injector (095000-5471, 0445110190).

We also have some head rotors for your reference :

Denso No. MFR Name Engine Type REMAKING

096400-1030 096000-1601 MITSUBISHI 4D6
096400-1050 096000-1161 DAIHTSU CL10
096400-1060 096000-3810 TOYOTA 3B
096400-1080 096000-2160 MITSUBISHI 4D5-SL
096400-1090 096000-2990 TICO 2J
096400-1110 096000-2071 DAIHTSU CL-T
096400-1130 096000-4460 MITSUBISHI 4D65T
096400-1140 096000-7120 MITSUBISHI 4D65
096400-1160 096000-7090 TOYOTA 1N-T
096400-1180 096000-0510 MAZDA XA
096400-1190 096000-3600 DAIHTSU CL-T
096400-1210 096000-7300 TICO 12Z
096400-1220 096000-1840 KOMATSU 4D95L
096400-1230 096000-2831 ISUZU 4JG2
096400-1240 096000-4640 TOYOTA 14B
096400-1250 096000-4910 TOYOTA 3L
096400-1260 096000-4530 TOYOTA B
096400-1270 096000-5170 TOYOTA 2C-T
096400-1300 096000-3620 TICO 1DZ
096400-1320 096000-6400 TOYOTA 1HD-T
096400-1330 096000-6261 TOYOTA 1HZ
096400-1360 096000-6940 TOYOTA 2C-TL
096400-1400 096000-7850 TOYOTA 1N
096400-1430 096000-8104 MITSUBISHI 4S68T
096400-1441 096500-3071 TOYOTA 1KZ-TE
096400-1481 096500-2011 TOYOTA 3C-TE
096400-1490 096000-9330 TOYOTA 2C-L
096400-1500 196000-2300 TOYOTA 1HZ
096400-1581 196000-0062 TOYOTA 15B-F

How diesel fuel injection system works
A fuel injection pump is a very complex piece of engineering. Each one is calibrated to deliver just the right quantity of fuel via the fuel injector into the combustion chamber. This ensures the maximum power output and optimum fuel efficiency. Although their complexity makes it complicated to replace individual parts, it is relatively easy to fit entire replacement units into place.In most cases, the injection pump is driven indirectly from the crankshaft by gears, chains or a toothed belt – often the timing belt – that also drives the camshaft. It rotates at half the speed of the crankshaft in a conventional 4 stroke engine.The timing is precisely set according to the model of engine it services, so that the fuel injection pump introduces the right volume of diesel into the cylinder chamber only a fraction of a second before the cylinder reaches the top dead centre position of its compression stroke. This ensures the fuel only becomes available from the fuel injector at the critical point of the cycle. At this point, the heat generated from the very high compression in the piston causes the diesel fuel to ignite, generating power for the engine. 
Fuel injection pumps are precision engineered components
Because fuel injection pumps operate thousands of times a minute, ensuring their reliability is a key challenge for any supplier and our own genuine pumps, backed by a 12 month warranty, have been engineered for the precise requirements of your engine.Our fuel injection pumps are designed to the highest specification and ensure that we give you precise calibration and fuel delivery. In turn, this helps to optimise your combustion cycles, thereby maximising your power, efficiency and fuel consumption.Although we have tried to make the installation process as simple as possible, in practice, you may need the help of your local distributor. It is important to ensure the setup is correct as the fuel injection pump plays a role in limiting the emissions from your engine.

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