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Precision Machining Parts OEM

Precision Machining Parts OEM
Thank you for visiting our Ducoo Metal Parts Custom, Ltd. website, we plant mainly for manufacturers throughout the country to provide precision machining parts, is specialized in Precision Machining Parts, Aluminium Machining Parts, CNC machining centers to process a variety of precision metal parts manufacturers, rooted in metal processing industry for 12 years. As long as the customer has in this area need to be processed metal products, we can provide you plant. You can send the name of the product drawings and product materials, as well as contact details to our factory mailbox E-mail: sales@cnducoo.com, engineers on our side we will see you evaluate plant can do, if you can do it will give you a quote, and the quotations and delivery sent to your mailbox. You can also view our website http://www.metalpartscustom.com/

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