Shaanxi Haige Machinery Co., Ltd

Country: China

Contact information

Shaanxi Haige Machinery Co., Ltd
Address:: xi'an shaanxi China
Town: xian
Zip Code: 710065
Phone: 68865551


Hiage provides drilling tools, fishing tools, sucker rods, octg, handling equipment, rig components, wellhead and X'mas trees for whole oil and gas industry.  
Drilling Tools ( Drill Collar, Stabilizers, Drilling Reamer, Kelly, HWDP, Drill Pipe, Rotary Should Subs, Lifting Subs, Lifting Bails, Kelly Valve, Circulating Subs, Bit Subs, Float Subs )
Fishing Tools ( Series 150/70/20 Overshot, Junk Basket, Fishing Magnet, Junk Subs, Impression Block, Fishing Jars, Super Fishing Jar)
OCTG ( Casing, Tubing Pup Joints, Couplings, X-overs)
Pumping Units and Sucker Rods ( Sucker Rods, Pony Rods, Polished Rods, Sinker Bar, Sucker Rod Coupling, Sub Coupling, hollow Sucker Rods, Sucker Rod Guide)
Handling Equipment ( Elevator, Slips, Tongs, Safety Clamps, Spiders,etc)
Rig Components ( Swivel, Rotary Tables, Bushings, Mud Pumps & Mud Pump Spare Parts)
Wellhead & X’mas Tree ( Casing Head, Tubing Head, Wellhead Equipment, X’mas Tree, Choke Valves, Gate Valve, Mud Valve)

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